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NEFL Surf fishing

may 7, 2022

You’re invited to participate in the first annual Northeast Florida Surf Fishing Tournament! HUGE prizes, LIVE music, TONS of food, & MOST importantly, we’ll be supporting veterans that need our help the most! Details below!

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Northeast Florida Surf Fishing Tournament, May 7th 2022

EVENT Facebook Page:

Registration is HERE:

Entry Donations can be made HERE:

Adult Donation $40
Junior Donation $20
Add on prize tickets (raffle) $10/each
*Please add NEFL Fishing in the MEMO section*

Register & Donate, it’s that simple! Forward donation confirmation to Courtney via Messenger or

We are working diligently with Five Star Veterans Center to expedite the donation process and confirm registrations.

Tight Lines!!

There will not be a Captain’s Meeting. Final registration ends at 12 pm on 5.6.2022. Please send any questions about the tournament or tournament rules to the Tournament Director at or message via Facebook.

$40.00/per adult angler. $20.00/per junior angler. Only registered anglers will be allowed to weigh in. Junior anglers are defined in this tournament as 14 yrs of age or younger. Raffle tickets are available as an add-on (add $10 to your donation) and there will be a silent auction on-site to benefit our veterans!

All anglers must follow all FWC guidelines and have the appropriate fishing license in the State of Florida.
Fishing commences on 5.7.2022 at First Safe Light.

Weigh-in begins on 5.7.2022 at Fishbites Trading Post at 2:00 pm and all anglers must be in line to weigh in when the clock strikes 4:00 pm. Time will be held by the Weigh Master’s phone, satellite time.

Prize Structure: $5,000 in Cash & Prizes based on 100 anglers

πŸ† Biggest Aggregate Weight – Anglers choose the fish they weigh. Weighmaster will not choose for you.
Pompano (3 fish max – You CAN weigh less than 3 fish for the aggregate.)
– 1st, 2nd
Whiting (3 fish max – You CAN weigh less than 3 fish for the aggregate.)
– 1st, 2nd
πŸ† Biggest Fish (by weight)
– 1st, 2nd, 3rd
– 1st, 2nd, 3rd
πŸ† Biggest Game Fish (by weight)
1st place only
Anglers can weigh: redfish, speckled trout, black drum, or spanish mackerel
πŸ† Junior Angler – Biggest Pompano (by weight)
– 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
πŸ† Junior Angler – Biggest Whiting (by weight)
– 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Winners can only win ONE prize (but winners of the tournament are eligible to win raffle and silent auction prizes).

βœ… Rules:
– Location: Beach Line/Surf Fishing ONLY (Duval and St. John’s County ONLY)
– Bait: No limits, must adhere to FWC guidelines
– Minimum size – 12” for Whiting (Follow FWC regulations for all other species)
– No frozen or altered fish will be weighed
– All hardware must be removed (no hooks, weights, stringers, etc.)
– Weight will NOT be rounded to ensure there are no ties
– NO Commercial Fishermen may enter the tournament

All anglers should know their angler numbers (posted on the Event Page and Emailed Out) for verification at the weigh-in. You do not need to print out a number.

Anglers may enter multiple categories. Anglers can only win once and will be based on the higher place ($) if they place in both categories.

All fish must be caught during tournament hours. All fish must be caught by hook, line, rod, and reel and must be caught by the angler who entered the Tournament.

All Entries must obey State of Florida Fishing Regulations, including size and bag limits. Violation of State of Florida Fishing laws and regulations will result in disqualification.

Fish entered into the tournament are property of the angler NOT the tournament.

Tournament Committee is responsible for the final call in all matters. No protests will be accepted in this tournament unless ruled by the Tournament Committee. Tournament Rules are subject to change with proper, timely notice to all anglers.

By participating in this tournament, you accept all liability and risks associated with the activities of the Fishing Tournament. You hereby indemnify, hold harmless, and promise not to sue any of the organizations, companies, or individuals in charge of organizing and hosting this event.