Fishing Withdrawals

After two VERY long weeks of an awful weather pattern plus training for a new (and very exciting) career, we finally got on the beaches of Northeast Florida. While it was not a record day and I didn’t keep anything for a new recipe post, it was just what I needed to reconnect with my favorite things in the world: the ocean and fishing!

The storms, the king tides, and the Nor’easter certainly changed the structure of some beaches so reading the water and finding the deep troughs with runouts are going to be crucial over the next several weeks of fishing in Jacksonville Florida and on Amelia Island. As “summer” fishing turns into “fall” fishing (we’ll talk more about this soon, I promise), tactics will need to be adjusted. To be a good fisherman you can go to your honey holes, use the same baits all year round, and have decent days here or there. To be a great fisherman, you must know how to adapt and be willing to change things up. Great fishing is not a simple math equation, it’s calculus mixed with common sense, dedication, and a hell of a lot of passion. Tight Lines Y’all…

Here’s the report from today:

September 26th 2020

Where: Little Talbot Island State Park
When: Outgoing/Incoming 9am to 1pm
What: Baby Pompano, Whiting, Sailcats, Rays, Jacks, Ladyfish, Baby Black Drum
Water Color: Money
Winds: NW at 7mph, shifting to the East
Bait: Fresh Dead Shrimp, Fishbites (Pink and Green Shrimp killed it today) and Cut Bait
SetUp: life4reel Double Droppers (Chartreuse and pink worked best today), The Sinker Guy Sputniks, and Rods

Pro Tip: If you think your secret spots are safe, they are not! Weather, tides, and time can change things so never stop scouting! *Scouting trip breakdown post coming soon on!!

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