Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The struggle was so real today…

Moved spots, fished through the rain, but still caught some good ones! Lesson of the Day: Things that seem perfect can be deceiving; sometimes you have to struggle a little to get the reward. Today was a perfect example of why fishing is not an exact science.

October 10th 2020

Where: Little Talbot Island State Park (moved) A1A Access Amelia Island
When: Incoming Tide,10am to 11:30am // 1pm to 3:30pm
What: Keeper Whiting, Bonnethead, Baby Mangrove Snapper (Sorry, it was pouring rain so there’s not many pics!)
Water Color: Morning (Clean Money) then into the Afternoon (Dirty Dirty)
Winds: SE 10 – 15, High Surf 3 – 4 ft
Bait: Fresh Dead Shrimp, Fishbites (Pink Shrimp, White Clam, Sandflea), Fresh Sandfleas, Frozen Clam
Rigs: life4reel Double Droppers, Sinkerguy Sputniks, FSA Rods, Penn and Shimano Reels (I’ll be doing a post soon of the detailed set-up)

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