Surf Fisherman’s Best Friend

Surf fishing is a lot of work. There, I said it.

Fishing is not all big fish, perfectly choreographed photos, beautiful beaches and expertly plated coastal cuisine. It’s hard work, research, trial and error, failure, blooper reels, bad casts, lost tackle, scouting spots, cleaning (lots of cleaning), rig tying, lost fish, hooks in fingers, hooks in other places, paying the taxman, moving spots, regretting moving spots, fileting in the dark, and so much more!

Let’s touch on that moving spots piece of the puzzle. If you are not catching fish, why are you still sitting in the same spot hoping that something will change? You need to move down the beach and find different structure (post about finding structure coming soon) or you need to pack your shit up and hit another beach. Moving can be a pain, I get it, but it could change your whole day!

For years we broke everything down, packed everything up and always felt like time was wasted. This year, our Christmas present to ourselves was to dramatically change how we transport gear. And let me tell you, this set-up is a game-changer. From moving spots to on beach/off beach time and even clean up procedure, our new baby is one of the best gifts money can buy!

Nice rack.

Get your mind out of the gutter people…I’m clearly talking to the truck.

Everything you need to put together this set-up can be found on Amazon. While I am always trying to keep it local, this was the only way we found each piece needed. You only need the Adapter Kit if you have a Toyota or Nissan truck because of the factory bedrail system. Here are the pieces you need:

Yakima Manufacturer Model Numbers: 8001151, 8001158, 8003093, and 8001168 (adapter kit.)

Feel free to email me at if you have specific questions! The instructions that came with the set-up are very straight forward and they send the tools you need as well!

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